Troubleshooting your connection

When there is a problem with your connection (offline, slow or many dropouts), there are a few things you can try yourself:

  1. Before you have a problem, please download and print the Internet Provider Details sheet prepared by BIRRR – click here, and fill it in.
  2. The first thing you should do is turn all your equipment off and power cycle on in order – extra details are here
  3. Then try the same power cycle routine with a computer connected directly to the NBN box
  4. If possible, check the network status on your providers website (have it bookmarked before there is a problem)
  5. Report the problem to your service provider via phone or email – have these details written down beforehand.
  6. Make a comment on the BIRRR Facebook page, others may be experiencing the same problem.
  7. BIRRR have forms that you can complete when you have tried all other avenues and still there is a problem, you must be able to quote a service provider reference number, so we can follow-up that specific fault, they are:
    • Mobile Broadband fault – click here
    • ADSL or Fixed Line fault – click here
    • SkyMuster not working – click here
    • A problem not covered by the above forms, please send an email to BIRRR, detailing your problem by completing the contact form below:

nbn Local website

For answers to the following nbn questions (and more), please visit the nbn Local website here

  • Will my existing phone and internet service be disconnected?
  • What happens in a power blackout?
  • How to register an unrecognised address
  • nbn™ Fixed Wireless installation process
  • nbn™ Fixed Wireless address confirmation
All BIRRR troubleshooting information on a specific topic:
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