Stories and programs, inspired by BIRRR activites and lobbying, that have made it into the media:

ABC radio interview on BIRRR Cyber Safety pages (Feb, 2018):

Interviews on Austereo (SkyMuster Survey). (Sept 2016)


Data Drought (4/10/2015 ABC LANDLINE)

Slow internet in regional Australia creating a ‘digital divide’ and harming education and business (12/08/2015 ABC LATELINE)

Skymuster (13/10/2015 ABC BEHIND THE NEWS)


Online Warriors (The Weekly Times – 15/08/18)

Nbn goes Sky High with Satellite (Rural Weekly – 16/1/18)

BIRRR renews calls for nbn call centre (Queensland Country Life – 28/2/17)

BIRRR warns against USO Loss (Queensland Country Life – 1/2/17)

Volunteer bush internet support group swamped by desperate callers (QLD Country Life – 31/8/16)

Regional Communications Minister hears ongoing concerns with satellite internet plans (QLD Country Life – 31/8/16)

Survey lifts Lid on Net Misery (CQ News – 9/05/16)

BIRRR Calls for Service Guarantee (QLD Country Life – 4/5/16)

Bush Internet Survey Shocks (QLD Country Life – 4/5/16)

Bush Needs More Mobile Towers (QLD Country Life – 4/5/16)

Internet Advisory Body Call  (QLD Country Life – 21/4/16)

NBN drives remote families to data despair (The Australian)

NBN is needed in regional Australia, and now (South Burnett Times)

Sky Muster no silver bullet (Queensland Country Life, op-ed Kristy Sparrow)

Data Drought takes Toll (Queensland Country Life column, Jessie Persse)

Rural Users Fight to Fix Bush Internet (Chinchilla News)

Rural Disconnect… #fixbushbroadband (Rural Weekly)

Stay Connected through the #datadrought (Queensland Country Life)

Still loading….Staring at the Hour Glass (CQ News- 23/10/15)

Bush Broadband Untangled (Farming Online, Matt Cawood)


Facebook group helping Rural Consumers with Internet Issues  (ACCAN Magazine – 18/4/16)

Rural Community Leader of the Year – Kristy Sparrow ( Farming Ahead Magazine – 27/8/17)

Data Drought (Agforce Envoy – June 2016)


Survey reveals ‘data drought’ may not be fixed by NBN Sky Muster (ABC QLD Country Hour – 5/5/16)

Rural Internet Survey Results (ABC Rural – 5/5/16)

Addressing Queensland’s Data Drought (ABC Radio Drive – 21/4/16)

Outback Queenslander saving rural Australians money on their internet bills (ABC Western Qld, Ash Moore)

NBN Co says shaped must wait (ABC Radio Western Qld)

The problems with rural internet Data Drought (612 ABC Brisbane)

Country Hour – Thursday 1st October 2015  (ABC Radio)

Country Hour – Tuesday 25th August 2015 (ABC Radio)

Telstra un-meters distance ed sites (ABC Radio Western Qld)


Mobile black spots putting community safety at risk  (ABC News – 7/5/16)

BIRRR Podcast with Tim Gentle: Think Digital Coach  (2/2/16)

Health will suffer and business will close unless we #FixBushInternet (ABC The Drum, Amanda Salisbury)

Sky Muster a small step forward for NBN (The Business Spectator)


The United Nations Says Broadband a Basic Human Right (

Australia’s internet speeding up, but not keeping pace with other countries (The

Paul Fletcher Speech to ICPA (July 29, 2015)

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