Network Outages

If you are having an issue with your connection, you may be experiencing a network outage.  If your connection is an nbn connection, you could have a provider outage or an nbn outage, you will need to check both.

A good provider lists network status information on their website / social media.  Some also have recorded messages on their call centres, this is useful for those who have no back up internet connection.

The RSPs that have network status information are

  1. Aussiebroadband here
  2.  Active8me post network outages on their FaceBook page here (like their page and the updates will appear in your newsfeed) and on their network status page here.
  3. Clear Networks here
  4. Iinet posts all the planned maintenance events here 
  5. IPSTARhere
  6. Optus here
  7. Reachnet here
  8. SkyMesh also have a network status page that is usually up to date at
  9. Telstra here
  10. Westnet here

This is a user reported outages page that is good for alerting you to a widespread problem – click here


Contact nbnnbn have an outages pages which lists an outage if it is happening and also alerts you to any upcoming planned  maintenance happening in your area. Click here
or Phone 1800 OUR NBN to see if there are any widespread outages.

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