WARNING: Do not click on any links or programs that promise to speed up your computer or internet connection – these are almost certainly a scam, and often contain malicious software. These links or ads are especially common on many popular speed testing websites.

How to test your internet speed:

  1. Always test your internet connection speed in the manner recommended by your RSP. It is advised that you close your email program whilst running a speed test and ensure that your computers / devices are not accessing the internet for other activities which may affect the test.
  2. If there is no clear RSP recommendation then, you must try to remove as many variables from the test as is humanly possible. This is to ensure that you are testing just the internet connection and not other network peripherals, such as your WIFI connection etc, which may or may not be faulty.
  3. Bypass or eliminate as much of your home equipment as possible. The very best way to test is with a computer or test device connected via a LAN cable directly to your nbn, ADSL or mobile data modem.
  4. A WIFI connection is often a cause of poor performance and WIFI frequently degrades both the users experience and the speedtest outcome. It may not always be possible to test without WIFI, however if you must use WIFI to make a test, make sure that you are close to the WIFI router and that your test computer’s WIFI is properly configured.

SPEED TEST – recommended speed test

When using Speed Test, it is important to achieve the best and most consistent test results. You must select the optimum server and server location for your test as not all servers are created equal.

  • Don’t allow Speed Test to ‘auto choose’ the test server.
  • Choose the server in the capital city that is closest to you.
  • Telstra and Optus are two Speed Test providers who have ample capacity. There may be others, but these are the safe bets.

Drag the map to select the optimum server, or if using a smartphone speedtest App, use settings to find the best server.

Satellite speed testing 

For ISS and LTSS speedtests you must use Sydney as the test server location, as satellite services are all delivered in Sydney. When using Ookla for satellite testing; the satellite upload speed may not be very accurate due to the latency of the satellite service. ISS should deliver around 1Mbps for the upload segment and is rarely congested.


Other speedtest sites 

  • If your RSP/ ISP hosts an OOkla test service, then you should use this service. Optus customers should use


If you use the Optus site, manually select a server in your closest capital city. ie Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 6.20.30 AM

NB: SkyMESH customers onlyskymeshspeedlarge

A typical ISS speed test via SkyMesh

*Please note, while all care has been taken in compiling BIRRR documents, we recommend that you check with your service provider regarding  your internet connection speed and preferred speed testing tool.

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