How Do I Get nbn™ ?

Did you know EVERY Australian will be able to access some form of nbn™ ?

  • Every Australian will be able to access some form of nbn™ – fixed, fixed wireless or satellite. nbn™ are a wholesaler for the service, they sell to providers who then sell to the public.

At BIRRR headquarters we spend a lot of time researching the facts for our many members. We have noticed lately some confusion over the release of the new nbn Sky Muster Satellite service. The single most important item to remember is to research plans and providers, don’t stick with an old plan just because you have been with that provider for years. Sky Muster Providers are listed here

How do you find out what type of nbn™ you will be getting at your address ?
STEP 1. Check your address on the NBN Rollout Map or try My NBN website. IF NO nbn™ ROLLOUT SCHEDULED or if scheduled for SKY MUSTER satellite, go to STEP 2. If you are eligible for fixed or fixed wireless it will either state ready for service, 3 year plan or no rollout plan.  If your address is part of the 3 year plan, that means nbn will be coming to your area at a future date, you will need to wait for this.  If nbn™ is already available you can select a provider  by clicking on the black arrow icon.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 5.18.53 PM

Image Via My NBN

This will provide contact details for providers in your area.  When you contact a provider you will be given an install date.

If your address is VERY close to current shading on the map, contact nbn via their Facebook Page, email –, or by phone 1800 OUR NBN and request your address class is changed to Service Class 5 (fixed wireless eligible). If you don’t get a satisfactory answer contact BIRRR either through Facebook or email – and we will do our best to see if you are eligible for fixed wireless or fibre service.

STEP 2. If there is no nbn™ rollout scheduled for your address, it could mean your address has not been mapped yet or nbn™ are still working on what type of technology your area will have. If you are a current satellite customer it is highly likely you will be eligible to access the Sky Muster Satellite – read our notes here(there are some exceptions to this for people who are ‘borderline’ fixed wireless and communities NOT currently on roll out plans).  The following communities were covered by the nbn™ Interim Satellite Service and are now expected to be nbn™  fixed wireless , there may be future fixed wireless in other satellite areas as well.

nbn™ are still mapping addresses *.  Once your address is mapped by nbn™  this will be the technology you will be able to access, there will be only ONE type of nbn™ service installed per address.  The only exception to this may be some Interim Satellite Services (ISS)  who will be able to access Sky Muster until fixed wireless becomes available. ISS services will be ‘switched off’ in February 2017 so it is important you sign up to the new satellite before then.

Contact your provider to sign up for Sky Muster, you can also contact the nbn contact centre if you are not certain what nbn technology will be available to you – 1800 OUR NBN.

* All premises are subject to nbn™  eligibility criteria.

** nbn™ has reviewed its rollout information to align with the policy of the current government. This is an ongoing process and further information will be provided when available. Maps are updated weekly. Rollout areas and boundaries are subject to change as construction planning is finalised.

NB : My NBN Address Checker disclaimer: “Orange shading provides a very rough visualisation of the 3 year construction plan. We try to keep all information as up-to-date as possible. But since we rely heavily on information provided by external parties, information may be delayed.”

Please note, while all care has been taken in compiling BIRRR documents, we recommend that you check with nbn™ or your provider regarding your connection.

Prepared for BIRRR by Kristy Sparrow 15/1/2016, updated 1/11/16