Mobile Broadband Overview

Mobile Broadband is an internet service via 3G or 4G mobile towers.

There is a 25GB plan (to access you need to contact Telstra via phone or chat), this plan becomes shaped when you reach your data limit. You can not purchase more data. 25GB plan can be arranged via chat or phone, ask for a price with bundling especially if your landline & mobiles are also with Telstra. If you have a BIGPOND plan you are entitled to be ‘unshaped’ three times per year (regardless of your plan size). Phone Bigpond and ask to be unshaped. NGWL services have recently been discounted by Telstra, more information will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

  • If you have a NGWL (next G Wireless Local Loop – also runs your phone lines etc) service this is the ONLY plan that your modem is compatible with.
  • BIGPOND PHONE: 137663 (remember this is NOT a Business Account)
  • 12 Mth Plan COSTS / Month without bundling

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What is unmetering and how does it work ?  (Compiled by BIRRR)
NB: If you use Telstra as your internet provider for any service (other than satellite) there are ‘unmetered’ sites for distance education students.  This means when students are using these sites the data will not count in your monthly download.

To the best of our knowledge* Optus offer the best data deals at $70 for 50GB.  The Optus Home Wireless Broadband Plan (200gb for $80 per month) is only available in selected 4G areas.

Telstra Air Explained (Compiled by BIRRR 3/2/16) – Free wifi at Telstra Hot Spot Locations for eligible Telstra customers.

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*Please note, while all care has been taken in compiling BIRRR documents, we recommend that you check with your service provider regarding your own connection issues and best plans available.