Alternative Fixed Wireless Providers

Throughout Australia there is a growing development of private, non-NBN Fixed Wireless internet providers, who operate their own independent Wireless ISP networks throughout Australia.

The following contains information about these independent providers, not about the NBN Fixed Wireless service, or the Retail Service Providers (RSP) utilizing the NBN network.

Click here to view our map of Australian Fixed Wireless Providers.AlternativeFW2023

Note: This map is intended only as a very rough guide as to what may be available in your area, and is not intended to show precise coverage information. Please refer to the website or contact details of any provider linked to our map to determine if they can service your premises.

Note: BIRRR has gathered the information above from providers, which we understand to be true and correct at time of publishing. This does not equate to any form of endorsement. Please thoroughly investigate your options before deciding on the best provider for you.

This map will be updated as new information comes to hand. If you are a Fixed Wireless provider running a network in Regional, Rural or Remote Australia, please Fill out this form. Please note the map does take some time to update after the form is filled in.

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