Troubleshooting Starlink

Basic Starlink Troubleshooting

What to try before contacting Starlink / waiting for Starlink support.

Please ensure you read the BIRRR opportunities and obstacles page:  Click here –, before purchasing as there numerous factors to consider when purchasing a connection from an international company who offer no support in Australia

Pre Purchase

Download the Starlink app to your phone and use it to work out the best location to place your Starlink dish for an uninterrupted view of the southern sky (Australian services).  Once downloaded, the App will work without a mobile connection for this purpose. From your mobile device, download the Starlink app using the appropriate link:

PLEASE NOTE: When signing up

  • Use your mobile number when signing up, NOT your landline number. Starlink will want to send you an SMS if there is a problem with your account.
  • Use an web email address like (or other web based email accounts) as a contact email address. Bigpond (and other RSP email accounts)  may block your confirmation email.
  • Note the order number given on screen – this will help with account retrieval if there is a problem.
  • In Australia, you can only order from Starlink ( There are NO resellers in Australia of the residential kits.

Initial Setup

  1. Setup your account with Starlink, if you have not already done it. This gives you access to their ticket support system. You can do this using any type of internet connection. (Note: you do not need another internet connection where you are setting up your Starlink kit)
  2. Did you receive your confirmation email? It has a link on how to set up your account. No confirmation email? See below under Complaints. 
  3. Test your equipment before installing on your roof. The ground level mount the Starlink dish comes with is designed for that purpose. Starlink says “The Starlink base is designed for ground level installation, or to support a quick start setup to test your internet connection.” So set it up on your lawn, in a space that the app says has minimal obstructions and test it. This simple test will ensure that your kit is not faulty. Do not use the ground mount to permanently install on your roof, it is not designed for this.

Problems with setup. Did you do the following?

  • Find a clear view of the sky (Starlink will not work inside, even if you have a large window or skylight).  Use the “Check for Obstructions” tool on the Starlink app (iOS, Android) to find the install location that will deliver the best service.
  • Plug Starlink into power. Within a few minutes, your Starlink will connect to satellites.
    • First, Starlink will automatically level itself to search for satellites overhead. Do NOT attempt to manually adjust your Starlink.    
    • Next, Starlink will make an initial connection to the Starlink constellation and tilt to the optimum angle for satellite coverage – slightly north or south based on your location in the northern or southern hemisphere. This may take up to 30 Mins
  • Connect to high-speed Starlink internet from your device!   Note: Your Starlink may need to download the latest software after initial setup for optimal performance. This will happen automatically overnight or you can watch your Starlink app for messages about the update status.
  • Wait until all updates have occurred – your app will tell you.
  • Do not keep turning power on & off or rebooting – Let the system establish its connection

Messages in the App and what to do


  • Cannot login to your account? Go here and choose one of the options provided
  • What are the Starlink support hours for Australians? Support is based in the US and is available 24 hours 7 days a week, however response times can vary considerably from minutes, to days or weeks
  • In the event of a hardware failure that requires replacement equipment, shipping time is estimated to take 1-2 weeks, this can be dependent on stock availability.
  • Dishy takes 10 -15 minutes to power on, however local experience suggests as short as 5 minutes.
  • The Starlink app provides details on performance, including outages and obstructions. Visit the Starlink FAQ and type app in the search box for more information. See
  • Visit the Starlink FAQ and type performance in the search box. See Starlink are constantly monitoring and optimising performance, and in most events are aware of any service degradation before the customer.

Starlink has a complaint handling process for Australian Users

The process can be viewed here This process is for submitting a complaint (like I didn’t receive my confirmation email, I cannot login in) NOT for troubleshooting. 

Things to include when submitting a complaint

  • Make sure you include this information as well as putting Consumer Complaint and Account number in heading if sending an email or letter.
  • Name on account
  • Service location of order
  • Contact phone number given
  • Contact email address given
  • Order number if possible (it would have been displayed on the screen at time of order)
  • Proof of purchase ( your online bank account will have it) – just a screenshot, it may also have your Starlink Account number.

Ways of submitting a complaint are:

  • OPEN A TICKET: The quickest and best way to receive a resolution is to log into your Starlink Account online in the Customer Support Portal and submit a Customer Support Request describing your issue and your desired resolution. Please include “Consumer Complaint” in the subject of your ticket request.
  • BY EMAIL: You can send us an email describing your issue and your desired resolution to Please include “Consumer Complaint” and your Starlink Account # in the subject of your email.
  • BY MAIL: Send a detailed letter describing your issue and your desired resolution to the following address: Starlink Internet Services Pte. Ltd. Level 10, 68 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Please include “Consumer Complaint” and your Starlink Account # in the subject of your letter.
  • BY PHONE: You can call 1800 954 824 and initiate a complaint.

Starlink FAQ

Their FAQ is quite extensive, and you can usually find the solution to your problem in it. Visit here and investigate. If you cannot find an answer to your problem, then submit a support ticket. If you cannot find a solution to your problem, look for a support topic that is similar to your issue then click on the thumbs down icon below the support article.You have to be logged in to submit a support ticket (and to see the thumb down icon)

Contact the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman)

Contact the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman), they are a free and independent phone and internet complaint services, Call on 1800 062 058. You can make a complaint online – see here for details

You need to demonstrate to the TIO that you have tried to resolve your complaint with Starlink, so have records of how you have tried.

Please Note

BIRRR is a technology agnostic, independent volunteer support, advisory, information & advocacy group.

BIRRR are in no way affiliated with Starlink or SpaceX.

Thanks to Terry Deacon and John Kitchener for assistance with this article.

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