Starlink in Australia

Information based on conversations with Starlink and BIRRR research.

Starlink standard dish versions

What is Starlink?

Starlink is a low orbit satellite based internet system, developed by SpaceX and designed to eventually be used globally by consumers.

Please visit here to see the Opportunities and Obstacles to getting Starlink

Ordering a Starlink Connection

  • To check if you are currently eligible for a Starlink service go to and complete the form. (Note: use your mobile phone number NOT your landline number, they may need to send you an SMS if there are account issues)
  • If your area is active and there is free capacity in your cell, you may purchase immediately.
  • If the area is congested or not yet serviced, the next screen should indicate when Starlink is targeting your area. Your deposit is taken and an estimate on potential roll out time frames is provided for your location.
  • Placing a deposit does not guarantee a service. Please read Starlink’s Pre-Order agreement here – 

PLEASE NOTE When signing up

  • Use your mobile number when signing up, NOT your landline number. Starlink will want to send you an SMS if there is a problem with your account.
  • Use an email address like as a contact email address. As Bigpond etc may block your confirmation email.
  • Use a Google Plus code to enter the exact location of your dwelling.
  • Note the order number given onscreen – this will help with account retrieval if there is a problem.
  • In Australia, you can only order from Starlink ( There are NO resellers in Australia for the standard kits. There are now resellers for the Commercial and Business kits in Australia. Go here,, and type in reseller and a list will appear under the heading Who is a Starlink authorized commercial retailer or reseller

Consumer Information – Plan Costs

  • Starlink plan costs are currently $AU139 per month for the fixed Residential kit. There are also business, recreational vehicles (RV) – now called Starlink Roam, maritime and aviation kits, some at additional kit cost and monthly plan cost. Check the website links for pricing details.  GST is included
  • An invoice is downloadable from the account portal.
  • There is no lock in contract, however if you cancel your plan you are not guaranteed a spot within your cell if you wish to reactivate.
  • Payment methods are Apple Pay & Credit Card – international transaction charges may apply; the billing is completed in Singapore.
  • Residential service + Portability. Prioritized Service Address: Starlink prioritizes network resources for users at their registered Service Address, as determined by our Fair Use Policy. Priority Access is enabled while using Starlink at the registered Service Address regardless of if Portability is enabled or not. Note: Portability is not available for Residential service in the US. Portability is an option you can select once you have an account with Starlink. It is an extra cost.
  • November 2022 – Special Residential and Roam kit purchase

Issues in Australia

  • Users have experienced short periods of downtime. Starlink indicates that reliability will improve as additional satellites are deployed. Following satellite launches it takes several months before deployment. Dropouts will decrease with additional satellites. Laser linked satellites will provide Northern Australian coverage.
  • Early users reported difficulties accessing Facebook from Starlink services – Starlink are working on this and other issues.
  • There have been problems with Google addressing, where the address you supply doesn’t match your actual coordinates. If the incorrect physical location is advised, your dish may not connect. To overcome location issues Starlink uses Google Plus codes, to assist where the address pin is not correct. Starlink support will assist customers who have found themselves in a position where the Google address record does not correctly match the property location.
  • SpaceX have advised that users can expect further improvement in the occurrence of non-weather induced outages. Currently the Starlink and Business products offer 99% service availability, or 14.4 minutes down per day. See
    Starlink is confident of further improvements. Software is continually improved, and additional satellites will both improve availability. 
  • Starlink download and upload speeds are variable over time. Starlink advises that should download speeds consistently drop below 100 Mbps, that this should be reported via the app.
  • Concern was raised about Dishy’s ability to handle temps above 50 degrees in Australia. See the Starlink FAQ (, type weather into the search box, for information on the environmental factors that may impact your Starlink service. They include Temperature Snow, Rain and Lightning.

Consumer Information – Equipment / Hardware

  • The normal Starlink equipment cost is $AU924 hardware fee plus $AU115 postage. Check for specials!
  • Equipment includes a dish (also known as Dishy), WiFi router, a PoE (power over Ethernet) supply, a tripod mount and two Ethernet cables. The Version 2 rectangular dishy kits are not equipped with an ethernet port. If you wish to connect to your own router or home/ mesh network you must order an ethernet adapter at time of ordering your kit. After you order and set up your account you log back in and you will see the shop where you can purchase the adapter – you can’t order it at the time of the kit purchase.
  • Starlink equipment has a 12 month warranty for failure. Thereafter it is the customers responsibility, if the equipment is damaged by storms, animals chewing the cable, lawn mowers or small children etc. Out of warranty, the customer is responsible for replacement (purchase) any of the failed equipment. Re-installation is the customer’s responsibility
  • The Starlink equipment is sold as a whole kit. For the early round Dishys, the cable was not removable from the dish. In the event of cable damage, a replacement, possibly a refurbished unit, is shipped.
  • The newer rectangular Dishys are supplied with a separate removable cable, Different length cable may be ordered.
  • Starlink equipment delivery – recently Australian users have reported very quick shipping times.
  • An unboxing video –
  • Roof mounts – visit the Starlink FAQ for options (type mount into search box). Your local installer may provide a bespoke mounting option.
  • Terrain and landscape such as trees and hills can affect signal reception. For those living in bushland, Starlink provides a feature on their app such that customers can locate the best spot for their Dishy. Download the Starlink App on your smartphone to assess the field of view at your location. If you cannot find a clear field of view from the ground level, consider a roof install. Roof mounts are available for purchase in your account. It is recommended that you assess the likelihood of obstructions before purchasing. Starlink offers a one month trial with full refund in the event that you are not satisfied with the service.

Consumer Information – Installation

  • The Starlink equipment is self-installed. Your equipment comes with basic instructions. The dish must be outside. It won’t work from inside a building, even with large windows.
  • In Australia, Starlink requires a clear view of the southern sky, from overhead to the southern horizon and a 100-degree east-west span.

  • To assist with installation a cable routing kit is available in the Starlink store as an add on.
  • Currently Starlink only supports a self-install. The base that comes with your Starlink is designed to support a temporary ground level installation or a quick setup to test your internet connection. Consider a permanent installation in an elevated location, like a roof, pole, or wall if you cannot avoid obstructions or find a clear field of view from the ground level. Many customers find that a permanent mount provides the best service
  • If you come across any ‘cowboy’ re-sellers or ‘dodgy’ installers, Starlink is interested in your experience. Currently Starlink have no resellers and aren’t looking to engage any.
  • Can I use a network switch with Starlink? Yes, you are welcome to connect your own equipment to Starlink. However, Starlink  does not guarantee performance or compatibility with third party networking devices. During fault finding Starlink may insist that only Starlink equipment is installed.
  • For customers with the Circular dish, connect the network switch via the AUX port on the Starlink router or third party router LAN port. We do not recommend or support placing network switches between the power supply and the router. Do not connect the switch to the white port on the power supply.
  • For customers with Rectangular dish, a Starlink ethernet adapter is required to connect a network switch. Do not enable bypass mode. Bypass mode is designed to support third party routers and will only provide one IP address

Consumer Information – Power Requirements

  • If you use solar power, Starlink requires a 240V AC supply.
  • Starlink equipment comes with a standard Australian plug.
  • Starlink equipment can be run off a generator or inverter if it is a clean AC sinusoid.
  • Power consumption is estimated to be 50 to 100 watts.
  • In order to download the Starlink app an internet connection is required. Once installed, the app will work without the internet e.g to check your location availability and to connect to your Starlink system at installation.
  • From your mobile device, download the Starlink App using the appropriate link:

Consumer Information – Mobility

Consumer Information – Data

  • Starlink monitors the number of users and level of congestion in all active cells. Starlink cells are indicated on the Starlink map You need to zoom in to see the cell outlines.

Consumer Information – Speed/Latency

  • There are no speed guarantees, users testing in Australia have seen download speeds of 50mbps – 200mbps, with Starlink stating that more satellites can increase this speed up to 300mbps.
  • Latency maybe 20 – 40ms, sometimes more in Australia. 

Consumer Information – Support

  • Cannot login to your account? Go here and choose one of the options provided
  • What are the Starlink support hours for Australians? Support is  based in the US and is available 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • In the event of a hardware failure that requires replacement equipment, shipping time is estimated to take 1-2 weeks.
  • Dishy takes 10 -15 minutes to power on, however local experience suggests as short as 5 minutes.
  • The Starlink FAQ answers a lot of your questions – see These are the current support topics

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  • The Starlink app provides details on performance, including outages and obstructions. Visit the Starlink FAQ and type app in the search box for more information. See
  • Visit the Starlink FAQ and type performance in the search box. See Starlink are constantly monitoring and optimising performance, and in most events are aware of any service degradation before the customer.
  • Starlink has a complaint handling process – viewed here If you choose to submit a complaint, we will need a detailed description of your concern and the best way to reach you so that we may investigate and respond. If you make contact and express dissatisfaction to us using one of the methods mentioned and we are uncertain regarding whether you wish to make a complaint, our personnel will provide help for you to formulate, make and process a compliant. Our personnel will also help if you have accessibility requirements, a disability, come from a non-English speaking background or are suffering financial hardship.

Ways of submitting a complaint are:

OPEN A TICKET: The quickest way to receive a resolution is to log into your Starlink Account online in the Customer Support Portal and submit a Customer Support Request describing your issue and your desired resolution. Please include “Consumer Compliant” in the subject of your ticket request.
BY EMAIL: You can send us an email describing your issue and your desired resolution to Please include “Consumer Complaint” and your Starlink Account # in the subject of your email.
BY MAIL: Send a detailed letter describing your issue and your desired resolution to the following address: Starlink Internet Services Pte. Ltd. Level 10, 68 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Please include “Consumer Compliant” and your Starlink Account # in the subject of your letter.
BY PHONE: You can call 1800 954 824 and initiate a complaint.

Consumer Information – General

  • The Starlink connection won’t connect if used in an unregistered location. You may move a standard kit to a new fixed location, or you need to purchase an ROAM, Maritime or Aviation kit.
  • At this time, new customers are provided a CGNAT IPv4 address. To request a public IPv4 address for Starlink Business or Starlink Maritime please submit a support ticket. More details here
  • Can you sell dishy and relocate it to an active cell with a new account owner? What are the limitations? How to do it? Visit the Starlink FAQ and use the search box to find the latest information. See
  • What are Starlink Angel Projects (April 2021)
    Angel Projects are for people in need with Schools/Education Internet requirements.

Starlink rollout plan for Australia

Starlink is activated in geographical areas across Australia, with each cell being activated one by one.

Coverage Map, November 2022

Earth/Ground stations in Australia

As of November 2022, there are 20 Starlink ground stations.

  • NSW – SpaceX Earth Station Canyonleigh Road CANYONLEIGH [10026575], SpaceX Earth Station Viney Creek Road W TEA GARDENS [10026574], SpaceX Satellite ES (GSN#55) BOOROWA [10021789], SpaceX Satellite ES (GSN#56) BROKEN HILL [10021787], Starlink Earth Station 19 Tarlinton St COBARGO [10025047], Starlink Earth Station Newell Highway CALROSSIE [10025574], Starlink Earth Station Newell Highway SPRINGBROOK CREEK [10025573]
  • Queensland – SpaceX Earth Station Mountview Drive TOONPAN [10027460], SpaceX Earth Station Willows Siding Road WILLOWS [10027459], Starlink Earth Station Capricorn Highway BOGANTUNGAN [10025576], Starlink Earth Station Flinders Highway SELLHEIM [10030347], Starlink Earth Station Warrego Highway WARRA [10026279]
  • South Australia – SpaceX Satellite ES (GSN#3023) PIMBA [10021788], Starlink Earth Station Ladara Bore Rd KI KI [10025046]
  • Victoria – Starlink Earth Station Carrs Road ANAKIE [10026536], Starlink Earth Station Gwyther Siding Road KOONWARRA [10026280], Starlink Earth Station Murray Valley Highway TORRUMBARRY [10025045]
  • Western Australia – Starlink Earth Station Brand Highway, 14 Km SE of CATABY [10025044], Starlink Earth Station Great Eastern Highway BULLA BULLING [10025575], Starlink Earth Station O’Connor St MERREDIN [10025043]

What do the earth stations look like?

  • Starlink Business  – this product is designed for businesses.
  • The new antenna (dish) is twice the area of the standard Starlink phased array with broader scan angle. Unlimited download (150-500Mbps) and upload (20-40Mbps). $750/mo with a one-time hardware cost of $3,740.
  • At this time, new customers are provided a CGNAT IPv4 address. To request a public IPv4 address for Starlink Business or Starlink Maritime please submit a support ticket.

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StarLink FAQ 

Starlink Wiki on reddit –

Starlink on Twitter 

*Please note, while all care has been taken in compiling BIRRR documents, we recommend that you check with Starlink regarding your own connection issues and equipment needed.

Information based on conversations with Starlink Australia and BIRRR web research.

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