Mobile Broadband Plans

Mobile Broadband is an internet service via 3G or 4G mobile towers. There are three main mobile network operators in Australia – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.  There are also many resellers of each network.

Mobile Broadband Plans Comparison January 2017 (Compiled by BIRRR)

Every Australian iPhone 7 And 7 Plus Plan From Optus, Telstra, Virgin Mobile And Vodafone (LifeHacker September 2016)



New Telstra Mobile Broadband Plans 50GB + 30GB bonus = 80GB for $150

  • 12 month contract if you BYO (If you BYO mobile broadband or tablet device, check your device is Telstra Mobile Network compatible and supports 3G-850MHz and both 4G 1800MHz and 4G 700MHz banding)
  • 24 month contract which includes new Nighthawk modem
  • NB: Casual Sim Plans are being developed and could be available in May 2017


If you exceed your Monthly Data allowance, Telstra will automatically add 1GB to your service for $10 (Extra Data).

Available in Telstra 3G & 4G coverage areas

** Not available for NGWL customers, we are still attempting to access plan info for these services.



These plans become shaped when you reach your data limit. You can not purchase more data. Ask for a price with bundling especially if your landline & mobiles are also with Telstra.

If you have a BIGPOND plan you are entitled to be ‘unshaped’ three times per year (regardless of your plan size). Phone Bigpond and ask to be unshaped.

  • If you have a NGWL (next G Wireless Local Loop – also runs your phone lines etc) service this is the ONLY plan that your modem is compatible with. NGWL is a 3G only device.
  • BIGPOND PHONE: 137663 (remember this is NOT a Business Account)
  • BIRRR is currently trying to find out more information about NGWL plans, we will update as soon as these become available.

OPTUS MOBILE BROADBAND DATA ONLY                                 50GB = $70

Click here for plan info : Optus Mobile Broadband Plans (SIM ONLY NO CONTRACT)

Data Sim moscreen-shot-2017-02-25-at-10-41-21-amnth to month  50GB = $70

NB: Unmetered Mobile TV streaming is NOT available on postpaid mobile broadband SIM Only plans, however you can stream music unmetered on the Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify apps without using your data with this plan.

$10 extra per GB (EXTRA DATA)

Click here for plan info : Optus Mobile Broadband Plans

24 mth contract only  50GB = $70

This plan includes UNMETERED access to mobile device TV Streaming and Music Streaming:

Unmetered (does not count in your data allowance) streaming on mobile or tablet only for Netflix, Stan, ABC iview, ABC KIDS iview, ABC ME, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify apps


NB: Optus Home Wireless Broadband 200GB is only available in some Optus 4G Plus areas of some Capital city areas and a few regional centres.  You can choose month to month, 12 month plans or 24 month plans.


The Optus plan qualification check will confirm if your location can access this service.

When you reach 200GB, get an automatic 10GB top-up for $10.

Needs the following modem: Huawei E5186 wireless modem

(Max. 5 auto top-ups per month. Speed slowed to 256kbps after 250GB usage)

Speed:  Up to 12/1 Mbps download/upload in 2300 MHz areas. Up to 5/1 Mbps in other areas

If you also an eligible Optus postpaid mobile service, you’ll receive one $20 monthly discount on your bill.

NB Unmetering does not apply on this plan

For more details see this Whirlpool Wiki

Optus is within their terms of service to terminate your service if its used outside the approved coverage areas. The coverage area limitations are set in order to reduce the chance existing users will be impacted due to congestion and capacity.

VODAFONE MOBILE BROADBAND DATA ONLY                      40GB = $100

screen-shot-2017-02-25-at-8-45-20-amClick here for plan info Vodafone Mobile Broadband Data plans

12/24 mth plan 40GB + modem = $100

or No Contract Sim Only Month to month 30GB = $100

Above plans ONLY covered data plans and not data associated with mobile phone plans.


  • If looking for a mobile / data combination BIRRR highly recommend BOOST MOBILE (operating off the Telstra Network) who have a prepaid monthly deal of unlimited calls and texts $40 now gives 9Gb (5Gb + 1Gb weekend data each weekend) OR $50 if you want the 11Gb which is 7Gb + 1Gb every weekendboostmobile

*Please note, while all care has been taken in compiling BIRRR documents, we recommend that you check with your mobile broadband provider regarding your own plan and connection issues.

One thought on “Mobile Broadband Plans

  1. I have the Vodafone 50gig @ $140.00 but that is never enough for us, usually add 1 or 2 $65.00 12Gig to it for the month, gets a lot to pay form a Centrelink Cares Payment though.


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