TIPS FOR STUDENTS (and all online users!)

The online world is a wonderful, exciting and sometimes scary place to be.  Here are some basic tips to help you navigate the worldwide web..

How do I know what I SHOULD SAY or DO online?  

  • If you wouldn’t say it (or do it) in front of your parents, or future bosses, partners, children or grandchildren, don’t say it or do it online!  Ask yourself: what does my digital footprint (the online information left behind each time you are active online) say about me?

Always USE PASSCODES on phone and social media – and don’t share your passcode/passwords


  • do you know who can see what you share, how to block and report? (see tips below)
  • how do I tell if an app is potentially dangerous? Never use an app that allows anonymous use, encourages negative interaction, or shares your location too readily.

Know how to SCREENSHOT – online bullying is actually incredibly easy to get proof of:

  • for iphones: press HOME & ON-OFF button at same time (works for some androids too)
  • for android: hold down power and volume-down buttons for a couple of seconds, until a screen appears, then tap ‘Take Screenshot’.

BLOCK and REPORT online abuse (see links below)

DON’T try to ‘handle it’ on your own

  • If you are having problems, go to an adult (parent, teacher, friend) you trust to share any bullying activity with.

REACH OUT: If you feel there is no-one you can talk to, contact:

REMEMBER… there is a world (and friendships) outside the internet

  • Get involved in extracurricular activities (like sport, etc) to keep a good, healthy balance* in your life.

If you see OTHERS being harrassed or cyberbullied:

  • Get someone to help you report it (links below on this page)
  • Don’t forward or share it
  • Don’t take part in it
  • Leave the group or conversation
  • Say something kind or positive to the person being cyberbullied
  • If it’s safe, take a stand against it and ask the bully to stop
  • If it’s safe, let the bully know that what they’re doing is NOT okay
  • Talk privately to the person being cyberbullied are they okay, do they need help?

SOCIAL MEDIA APPS (how to check privacy settings, block bullies and report abuse)

    • PRIVACY SETTINGS on Snapchat 
    • BLOCK on Snapchat:
      • Go to your friends list and tap the name of the offender
      • Hit the gear icon that appears next to their name
      • Select ‘Block’ to stop receiving Snapchats or ‘Delete’ if you want to remove them from contacts.
    • TURN ON GHOST MODE on Snapchat (hides location of user):
      • Open Snap Map from Snapchat home screen (pinch fingers from the outside of frame toward middle)
      • Press the COG icon in the upper right corner (across from “Search” bar)
      • Select “Ghost Mode”.



  • Do you know HOW MUCH TIME* are you spending online?  You might be surprised!
  • CONTROL the distraction (for life and sleep)!
    • use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ options in your phone settings

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