Sky Muster Providers & Plans

To assist in selecting a service provider for Sky Muster BIRRR recommends looking at the following:

  • What data Packages are available, what are the peak & off peak limits?
  • What Speed Tiers is the plan you have chosen 12/1 OR 25/5 ?
  • What is the monthly cost of your plan ?
  • Customer Support – hours/days, public holidays, Australian support centres
  • Are you contracted & for how long ?
  • Is there an installation fee ? (Sky Muster installs should be installation fee FREE)
  • Are you supplied with a plug & play Router (to give you wifi) ?
  • Do they have a representative in BIRRR (Skymesh, Activ8, Ant, HISP, Clear Networks & Southern Phone).

ACCAN recommend: Providers differ on the level of performance offered depending on the number of customers they have and how much they have invested in their service. It is not expected that each retail service provider will offer the same level of service. Therefore, you should check that the level of service offered matches what you need.

There are 11 Internet Service Providers (ISPs or RSPs) offering plans for nbn Satellite (Sky Muster)*

BIRRR Sky Muster Price Comparison Table

All plans are 12/1 speed – there is a $5 extra per month cost across the board (all providers) for the 25/5 speed.  Table updated 31/8/17

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.10.38 AM

(updated 31/8/2017 Sky Muster Plans Comparison)                  
Thanks to  BIRRR member John Kitchener


  • A 25/5 speed plan costs $5 extra per month across the board
  • Upon request, SkyMesh will endeavour to match any Plan published by a competitor, so long as SkyMesh can remain compliant with nbn co’s Fair Use Policy.
  • Yellow indicates good value plans with a peak data cost of around the $1.50/GB and an off peak data cost around $0.40/GB. Orange indicates highest peak data plans with each provider. Blue Plans are limited time only (check conditions).
  • Review the RSP’s Critical Information Summaries or CIS.
    The CIS was mandated by the ACCC to make it easy for customers to compare ISPs’ offerings. Don’t make a decision on price alone.
  • Check the contract terms stated by the provider you choose.
  • Ask your provider if they charge for activation or installation of your Sky Muster service.Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.50.06 AM

nbn Sky Muster Providers:





ANT Communications




Clear Networks


Harbour ISP 








Southern Phone






Telstra Satellite 1800 210 027 opt 3 Telstra Satellite

Telstra are currently not one of the NBN Sky Muster Satellite Providers.

Due to limited demand and alternative technology, Telstra has made the decision to close their Telstra Broadband Satellite (this is NOT the nbn Sky Muster Satellite) on 3 December 2018.

Support Hours Comparison

Contact Hours 2108

How different RSPs handle Unplanned Outage Notifications



*Please note, while all care has been taken in compiling BIRRR documents, we recommend that you check with your service provider regarding your eligibility and best plans available.