Sky Muster Providers & Plans

To assist in selecting a service provider for Sky Muster BIRRR highly recommends looking at the following tip sheet.  CLICK HERE

There are 12 Internet Service Providers (ISPs or RSPs) offering standard plans for nbn Satellite (Sky Muster). Providers offering Sky Muster Plus plans can be compared here.

Standard Sky Muster Plans – see below

Sky Muster Plus Plans – offers unmetered data for essential tasks and the ability to speed burst (when the network allows)

Important questions to ask your Sky Muster Provider

  • Is there an activation or installation fee (most providers offer FREE Sky Muster installs)
  • Is a plug & play router provided ?  At what cost? NOTE: you will need to order this when you order your installation.
  • How can you pay for your account ?  Does the provider accept direct deposit, credit card etc?  Does the provider charge an account fee, late fee, credit card fee or invoice fee ? (most providers DO NOT charge invoice fees)
  • Can you upgrade your plan during your billing cycle ?  Can you purchase a data block ?
  • What speed tier are you signing up to 12/1 or 25/5 Mbps? Are there any fees for changing your speed tier? (most providers DO NOT charge a ‘speed change’ fee)
  • Is there a contract for your Sky Muster account ?   Most providers offer 30 day plans so please DO NOT get locked into a contract for 12/24 mths unless you are happy with your provider & their customer service.
  • iinet and Westnet have not passed on the full increases to Sky Muster Peak Data announced by nbn in 2017, they also have 24 months contract unless you pay the $99.95 activation fee. Additionally iinet, Westnet and Loaded Net DO NOT have representatives in BIRRR that can assist with issues.
  • What customer support specifics are available e.g. hours/days, public holidays, Australian support centres? What notifications do they send for outages and data usage? How can you view your data usage ?
  • Not all providers offer an education port plan, click here to see the BIRRR Education Plan Comparison

BIRRR Sky Muster Price Comparison Table


ACCAN recommend: Providers differ on the level of performance offered depending on the number of customers they have and how much they have invested in their service. It is not expected that each retail service provider will offer the same level of service. Therefore, you should check that the level of service offered matches what you need.

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nbn Sky Muster Providers:









NB: Telstra and OPTUS are currently not NBN Sky Muster Satellite Providers.

If you have a Telstra satellite connection you should make plans to get a different provider now. Due to limited demand and alternative technology, Telstra has made the decision to close their Telstra Broadband Satellite (this is NOT the nbn Sky Muster Satellite) on 3 December 2018. 

Support Hours & Outage Notification Comparison

*Please note, while all care has been taken in compiling BIRRR documents, we recommend that you check with your service provider regarding your eligibility and best plans available. Page updated 30/8/18.