Telstra Essential Contacts

If you need to contact Telstra please ring the correct department, it will result in quicker problem solving.  get to know your plan, look on your bill are you a Bigpond or Telstra customer, business or residential.  Bigpond plans are NOT business plans.

Telstra Country Wide have a dedicated website for rural, regional & remote users.

If you have tried to lodge a fault and have a ticket/fault number and limited success in actioning your concerns please fill in the BIRRR form and we can try to escalate your issue with your provider.


Phone: 132999 (for all faults other than RRADIO & NGWL faults).  This number has also been successful for some BIRRR members in reporting a mobile broadband fault –

1800 116 736

Landline Phone                                                                                                                                Report your landline outage using this form.

Radio Phones & NGWL Services
1800 772 346 (1800 R RADIO) or  1800 696 495 (1800 MYNGWL), for customers using radio and satellite services to report service difficulties or faults. There is also a dedicated email address ( for online fault reporting.  Please do not let anyone convince you to change the plan on your NGWL device – these devices CAN ONLY be BIGPOND (shaped) plans and by involving billing / business consultants who are often not aware of how this service operates it can cause huge issues with your account.

1800 210 027 opt 3 for Telstra Satellite
Telstra are currently not one of the Interim Satellite Providers, if Satellite is the ONLY option available to you for internet services please investigate options for another provider, as the Telstra Satellite plans are extremely expensive and NOT subsidised. 1GB starts at $69.00, 20GB $599.00

Mobile Broadband
BIGPOND: 137663 (remember this is NOT a Business Account)
TELSTRA:  1800 676 442 (Residential)
Account enquiries, Business account holders only should try the Telstra Business Centre.

Telstra Business Centres 
Solutions Specialists at Telstra Business Centres are experts at maximising business data & costs, and are highly recommended to sort out data sharing and mobile plans for businesses. Find your closest business centre here.

Mobile Assurance Team
Mobile Assurance provides support to Pre-Paid, Consumer, Telstra Business and Telstra Enterprise & Government customers. They operate 24/7, and assist customers who are experiencing mobile and wireless service difficulties and faults.
Consumer customers:  132200
Business customers:  132000

1800 305 307 For antenna installation and technical support call (select option 4).

Telstra Country Wide Area Managers
These should be your last point of call, only contact after you have actioned with the above numbers and can not get a resolution.

Click here for their current details, or call 1800 067 829.

All information compiled from BIRRR discussions with Telstra and Telstra website and is current as at 27/1/2018

TELSTRA Contacts DOCUMENT prepared by Kristy Sparrow for BIRRR