Antenna and Equipment Installers and Suppliers

Where do I buy appropriate DIY equipment and receive sound advice?

A desktop site survey can assist you with determining if there is mobile reception in your area and what equipment might be needed to connected.

Telco Antennas desktop site survey cost is $99.

OnWireless desktop site survey cost is $99.

The above businesses can then put you in touch with a specialist in your area who understands the requirements for your state. The report will advise likely signal levels, the sort of mobile services available, the best antenna and extension device for your location and where to point your antenna.

Network Extension Equipment Suppliers and Specialists:

  • Telco Antennas – Advice, equipment and installation
  • OnWireless – Advice, equipment and installation
  • Powertec Technologies – Equipment provider
  • NB Tec – Equipment provider – offers a licensed solution that is a modem/antenna & booster in one that can connect to Telstra, Optus or Vodafone mobile networks.

Thanks to Telco Antennas. To find your closest antenna and equipment installer click here.

BIRRR List of Installers:
To find an installer, supplier etc view our map here:

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 4.40.03 PM

Note: BIRRR has gathered the information above from businesses, which we understand to be true and correct at time of publishing. This does not equate to any form of endorsement. Please thoroughly investigate your options before deciding on the best provider, equipment supplier and ensure the installer is accredited and has the appropriate industry licenses.

BIRRR do not recommend self installation, please contact one of the professionals above.

**If you are a network extension specialist or installer and would like to be added to our list please fill in this form to be added to our map, please ensure we are kept updated with your correct details by emailing us at with any necessary changes.

*Please note, while all care has been taken in compiling BIRRR documents, we recommend that you check with your service provider, local government and local installer regarding your own connection issues and infrastructure needed.  Please ensure that your equipment specialist is licensed and provides licensed and legal equipment. Updated 01/08/2020


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