Sky Muster Information and Photos

With the release of the nbn™ ‘Fair Use Policy for Satellite’, we know BIRRR members are keen to check out, assess and get connected to test out Sky Muster™.

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Sky Muster Satellite Dish (SkyMesh)

We have compiled a list of Sky Muster™ facts for you below…


Sky Muster Satellite Dish (Mark Moore: Installer)

Sky Muster™ FACTS:

What is the capacity? 

Sky Muster™ is designed to deliver broadband internet connectivity to 240,000 Australians with capacity for 400,000 when a second satellite is launched in late 2016.

What is anticipated LIFE SPAN of long term satellites?

Sky Muster Satellites have a life span of around 16 years.

What are Test Sites?

There were approximately 200 Sky Muster installations NATIONALLY to support beam commissioning and testing – and a further approximately 200 installations across two Victorian beams to test commercial operational processes as part of the customer field trial. These trial sites were often not made live for end user operation until after Sky Muster was publically launched and thus testing was not very thorough.

How will I know if I am eligible for Sky Muster ?

Every Australian will be able to access some form of nbn™ with each residence entitled to one nbn™ technology type only.  nbn™ satellite services are designed to provide internet services to homes and businesses that fall outside of the fixed line and fixed wireless areas in Australia and its external territories.

To get a place on the new Satellite you need to:

  • have access to no other form of nbn™,
  • your address also needs to be mapped for Sky Muster™ by nbn™,
  • your address cannot be on roll out plans for nbn™, fixed wireless or fixed line.

You are NOT excluded if you can currently:

  • only connect to mobile broadband or
  • already have another satellite connection.

Check out our How to Get NBN™ document.

What if I have more than one residence?

If you live on a property or farm with several residences, each habitable residence is entitled to an nbn™ connection.

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Sky Muster Modem (S-NTD) (SkyMesh) connected to a speed testing device

What costs and equipment are involved?

A standard installation of the Sky Muster™ equipment is currently free. However, end users should ask their preferred RSP if they have any other fees for equipment such as routers or activation fees etc. The installation will involve a new satellite dish, modem and wiring. Existing interim satellite users will also need to have new equipment installed at their premises.  nbn™ will install the new equipment needed (yes customers will need a new dish AND a new modem), however you will book this with your service provider.   Please check with your service provider regarding your router compatibility.  Sky Muster™ equipment has a lifetime warranty. Visit the our Sky Muster routers page here for more information about routers

NB: If you are a current ISS (interim satellite service) customer, your old equipment is owned by nbn and will be removed at no charge. Other satellite installations may involve a fee to be removed.

How do I get connected to Sky Muster?

Contact a Sky Muster service provider. You do not have to remain with your existing provider so BIRRR recommends that you shop around for best plans to suit your needs and customer service. All provider plans are here

NB: If you are moving to a new provider please make sure you are aware of any exit fees and contract conditions on your current service. BIRRR also recommends investigating the options of a non provider email address such as gmail or hotmail, so that your email is not linked to a provider. If you are changing providers they may offer a deal to keep your existing email for a small (or not so small) fee.

What will my speed be like on the new satellite?

Sky Muster™ is predicted to provide wholesale speeds of up to 25/5Mbps (5 times faster than top current Interim Satellite speeds).  When you select your new plan you will have the option of selecting 12/1Mbps OR 25/5 Mbps, these aren’t guaranteed speeds but an estimate of what speed you might record up to.

When will I be able to get connected?

nbn™ began Sky Muster™ installs in April 2016.  LTSS installation teams aim to average two satellite installations each day per team. nbn™ are looking at connecting up to 5,500 people per month. If you currently have an Interim Satellite Service you will be migrated before February 2017 as this service will cease.  You will need to contact your service provider to make this change.

How much data can I access on Sky Muster?

Wholesale data allowances of up to 150GB per month (inclusive of peak & off peak data) per user. However providers must meet the following ‘Fair Use Policy’ conditions:

  • nbn™ requires each customer to limit their Peak Hour Data Usage to no more than 75 GB in any 4 week rolling period.
  • nbn™ requires all RSPs to limit their average customer Peak Hour Data Usage to no more than 30 GB of downloads and no more than 5 GB of uploads in any four week rolling period.
  • As a result of this policy, plans with smaller data allowances will represent better value than plans with larger ones.
  • Customers who keep within the data allowances of the Plans listed above do not need to be concerned about violating nbn™ Fair Use Policy.
  • On average you will be able to access a maximum of 55 GB of peak data on Sky Muster (Average maximum peak data plans across 10 providers)

What will be the PEAK and OFF PEAK times for Sky Muster™?

OFF PEAK Times*:  1am – 7am

PEAK Times: 7am – 1am.

Hours apply to your local time zone.

*Governed by nbn™ – so will be the same with every provider.

How do I find out about the ‘educational port’ for distance education?

nbn™ provide a separate 50GB monthly data allowance to eligible distance education students (limited to 150GB per schoolroom for primary & secondary students only). It is anticipated further developments will include public interest premises such as remote health centres and indigenous communities.  Please read our Education Port document for eligibility requirements.

Will I need any extra equipment?

Sky Muster™ installations will need a router to access Wi-Fi, this can usually be organised through your provider. If you have an existing router you will need to check with your provider that this is compatible. If you are accessing the educational port you will need two routers (one for each port) and if you require access to a printer, two printers (one for each router).

Built into the design of the LTSS is a smart learning system called an “acceleration machine” or TPEP. It learns all about the web pages people are viewing across the network and remembers the pages for next time so it can load them faster. The system was developed specifically for the nbn™  satellite service with partner Viasat.

Can I get a landline with the new Satellite?

Homes and businesses with Sky Muster™ can use VoIP services if this is supported by their retail service provider. However unlike the fibre offering, the satellite terminating box inside the premises doesn’t include a port to plug in a phone. Copper phone services will still be maintained in areas to be served by fixed wireless and satellite, so customers have the option of retaining their existing phone service.


For more facts on Sky Muster:

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Thanks to SkyMesh and Mark Moore (Sky Muster Installer) for the photos of Sky Muster Equipment

* Please note, while all care has been taken in compiling BIRRR documents, we recommend that you check with your service provider regarding your own connection issues and best plans available.  Information obtained from nbn co and SkyMesh