Satellite Types

What type of Satellite Installation do I have?


There are several different satellite services currently operational.  This can lead to some confusion on the type of satellite installed. The information below helps differentiate the differences in Satellite Installations.

LTSS – Long Term Satellite Service NBN – began installing April 2016 – all below satellite types are eligible for a NEW installation.  LTSS is also referred to as SkyMuster or nbn™ Satellite. Apply via one of the providers listed here.

ISS – Interim Satellite Service NBN,  Dates Installed 2011-2013 – Uses a 1.2m Dish with Gilat Logo & Gilat Skyedge II Modem. From now until this service is replaced, equipment is owned by NBN & therefore covered under repair / replacement where reasonably required. ISS services will be turned off on 28th February 2017 and all customers MUST migrate to LTSS before then.

NSS – NBN Satellite Subsidy Scheme , dates Installed July 2014 – November 2015.   0.84m dish with IPSTAR logo & IPSTAR icon modem.

ABG – Australian Broadband Guarantee Program Satellite, dates installed 2007 – 2011.  Equipment did have a 3 year warranty which has now expired, faulty equipment has to be repaired at owner’s cost. 0.8m dish with IPSTAR logo.  (Please note this service did also include some Optus Satellite Services via several ISP’s with different modems and dishes.)

Optus Satellite – Dates Installed 1992 – current, only available through Optus.  Optus are currently not a NBN Satellite provider.

Telstra Satellite – November 2014 – Current, only available through Telstra.  Base plans are 1GB / $69Telstra are currently not a NBN Satellite provider.

Telstra Broadband Satellite + Telstra Bigpond Two Way Satellite – Pre 2007 – October 2014 – Prior to these services ceasing Telstra offered free roll over to their new commercial service (listed above), base plans were 1GB / $69.   Telstra are currently not a NBN Satellite provider.

Telstra Statement ‘NBN Co is scheduled to start offering commercial services using their long-term satellite from April 2016 and is yet to confirm which addresses will be covered by the new service. We will assess this option for delivering satellite broadband to our customers in the future. At this time we have no plans to withdraw our Telstra Broadband Satellite service and contract terms remain in place for customers. Please contact the satellite team on 1800 210 027 to discuss your individual service.’

As a rule it is always recommended to discuss what Satellite Service you are using with your satellite service provider.

ALL satellite customers will be eligible for LTSS / Sky Muster / nbn satellite (regardless of their current satellite connection type) and will need to organise this through a nbn satellite service provider.  Currently Optus & Telstra have made no announcements regarding participation as NBN Satellite Providers .  Customers can choose any nbn Satellite provider for connection, they do not have to use the same provider they have used for previous Satellite connections.

*Please note, while all care has been taken in compiling BIRRR documents, we recommend that you check with your service provider regarding your own connection issues and best plans available.

Footnote: All information compiled by Kristy Sparrow in consultation with NBN for BIRRR and is current as at 31st October 2016.

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